De Lima’s consultant defends his niece who allegedly asks Abu Sayaff to end President Duterte

A consultant for the office of Senator Leila De Lima couldn’t hide his anger towards the members of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and Presidential Security Group (PSG) for hunting down his niece who allegedly asked Muslim extremist group Abu Sayaff to end President Rodrigo Duterte’s life.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Atty. Josef Leroi Garcia narrated how the members of the PSG allegedly trying to trace her niece Carmela Buan Laxina for her post against President Duterte.

Laxina’s Facebook comment was featured by several Facebook pages on social media.

“P*tayin na yan taksil sa Pilipinas. Pls Abu Sayap, pakitulungan po para map*tay na itong buwang na Pres. para maibsan na ang salot sa Pilipinas,” allegedly Laxina said.

Photo: 1M Facebook page

According to Atty. Garcia, the PSG, or the NBI have no power over his niece saying that Laxina is already an Australian citizen.

He claimed that the Philippine Embassy in Australia is already attempting to summon Laxina to appear before the Philippine authorities.

“My niece told them to go visit her at her house instead, but in the presence of the federal police of her country,” Garcia said.

“But they are BARKING UP the wrong tree (yes, dear DDS friends, that is how you use the idiom correctly) because my niece is already a foreign national and fully protected by her government. If PSG has any quarrel with my niece, please proceed to the appropriate embassy of her nationality in Manila and see if you can ask them nicely to surrender their citizen to your jurisdiction. Good luck hunting,” he added.

Garcia also warned the followers of President Duterte that the people of Macabebe is still capable of standing up against powerful people Duterte like what they did to former President Emilio Aguinaldo.

In his latest update, Garcia claimed that the NBI asked his niece to apologize, but she refused to do it.

He also stated that the Australian police defended Laxina and asked the NBI agent to stop pressuring the lady.

“Malacañang is creating an international incident on the FB post of an Oz citizen over whom it has no jurisdiction. That is what Malacañang is busy about while the country reels from two months of ECQ without any plan on how to end the pandemic,” he said.

This week, law enforcers launched different operations to track down several individuals who allegedly endangering President Duterte’s safety.

A teacher from Zambales was brought to NBI Central Office for allegedly putting a bounty on Duterte’s head.

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A salesman in Mindanao was also put under the custody of the authorities after calling President Duterte a crazy man.

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Several groups, and also Human Rights Lawyer Chel Diokno criticized the move of the government, saying that they should not protect the President from individuals criticizing him.

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