Kim Chiu answers her social media critics: “Grabe ka naman po! Preno preno din!”

Actress Kim Chiu has had enough with her critics on social media and she decided to answer them one by one.

Chiu captured the attention of the internet because of her confusing ‘law of classroom’ remarks and despite apologizing to the netizens because of her statements, some critics still didn’t stop posting messages against her.

Her critics did not spare her Youtube channel; this is when the actress decided not to hold back.

One netizen who commented to Chiu’s work out video said that the actress should start to exercise her brain instead of her body.

“Dapat mo siguro i work out ang utak mo,” Youtube user Floral Artist told Chiu.

The actress couldn’t understand why the said netizen criticized her.

“Grabe naman ate! Inaano po kita para mag mura ka ng ganyan???!!! Grabe ka naman po! SInaktan bak kita?!!!! Para magsalita ka ng ganyan! Grabe ka naman!!! Preno preno din!” Chiu told Floral Artist.

Some even asked her to stop speaking in English.

Another netizen even wished for Kim Chiu and other ABS-CBN artists to get infected by COVID-19.

“Inaano ka ba namin???? Bakit sagad yung galit mo?!! May nagawa ba kami sayo?…” she asked her critic.

Here are the other replies of Kim Chiu to her critics:

Fans of Kim Chiu defended the actress from her critics, asking them to move-on.

They urged the netizens to be positive and help each other amid the COVID-19 crisis instead of focusing on criticizing Chiu and other artists of ABS-CBN.

“Ano bang napapala niyo sa kakabash niyo kay Kim? Dahil lang ba sa “Classroom Thing”? Ang babaw naman yata. Besides nag explain na siya tungkol dun hindi pa ba sapat yun? Dapat sa panahon ngayon nagtutulungan at nagkakaisa tayo hindi nananakit ng damdamin ng tao,” one fan of Kim Chiu said.

Chiu is one of the most vocal supporters of ABS-CBN franchise renewal and even tried to explain the case of her home network by comparing it to a ‘classroom.’

However, her explanation didn’t impress the netizen and started to convert her statement as a new meme.

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