Nagyayabang lang! Senate President Sotto slams people posting their charitable works on the internet: “You are only feeding your ego!”

Senate President Vicente Sotto III had already enough with people posting their charitable works on the internet.

Sotto, on a tweet, said that people who are doing philanthropic activities should continue what they’re doing; however, posting it on social media might only give a wrong impression to some people.


According to him, sharing their good deeds on the internet was meant to feed their egos.

“If you want to feed the hungry, then feed the hungry. But the moment you post it on social media, you are only feeding your ego!” Sotto said.

Some of his followers gave their comments on the tweet of the Senate President.

“It depends on one’s motives. After all, we are in the Information Age. Information is the new currency. Some use it for accountability, others as an invitation or summons to do better,” netizen @thelastround said.

One netizen even challenged Sotto to name the people he criticized.


“Kung may b*yag ka pangalanan mo! Gawain mo rin yan pag eleksyon, suhol mo ALDUB kapalit ng boto! IMPOKRITO KA!” @IngridMedrano told Sotto.

Sotto, in the past, said that he believes that helping people should be done without publicity.

“Ang pagtulong sa kapwa na walang hinihintay na kapalit o papuri ay tunay na dakila,” Sotto said in his most recent statement.

“Para naman dun sa ilang kababayan natin na nagyayabang at mahilig maghamon sa mga Senador at pulitiko na lumabas at tumulong sa kapwa, sana ay mahismasmasan kayo at magkaroon ng tamang katinuhan,” he added.

Amid the enhanced community quarantine, people like Francis Leo Marcos captured the attention of the internet because of his charitable works.


Marcos became popular because of his challenges to politicians and rich people to go out and match the goods he donated to the public.

However, several critics of Marcos accused the businessman of just using his philanthropic activities in publicity.

Angel Locsin, Gab Valenciano, and other celebrities also sharing their contribution to social media.

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