Trillanes to President Duterte: “Batukan kaya kita diyan?”

Former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV has a message to President Rodrigo Duterte after the latter addressed his critics on his televised address on Thursday.

In a tweet, Trillanes questioned why Duterte is asking his critics about their contributions to the country, while the government already received a 4-T budget this year.

He even said that he may pat the President on his neck.


“Four Trillion ang budget mo, tapos hahanapan mo ako ng ambag? Batukan kaya kita,” Trillanes tweeted.

Aside from his tweet, Trillanes also posted a video compilation of President Duterte’s controversial statements.


Trillanes was responding to President Duterte’s statement against his critics.

Duterte likened his critics to ‘snakes’ who are only waiting for an opportunity to talk against the government.

“Ito lang tanong ko: Dumaan na man kayo, ano ang nagawa ninyo para sa bayan? Iyan lang. Kapag sinabi ninyo ako wala, okay wala. Eh kayo? What have you done for the country except to talk and criticize and talk?” Duterte said.


Trillanes is a known critic of President Duterte and facing several charges because of his alleged involvement in some ouster plots against the chief executive.

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