Agot Isidro reacts on the drawing comparing her to comedian Palito: “I am quite honored”

Actress Agot Isidro reacted on her a portrait circulating on the internet that seems to point out her resemblance to the late comedian Reynaldo ‘Palito’ Hipolito.

For the past few days, the viral portrait of Isidro has been circulating on social media.

Some netizens found it funny because they thought that the unknown artist was trying to draw Palito instead of the actress.

The portrait was posted by several pro-Duterte bloggers and shared on some social media groups.

However, Isidro told the supporters of the President that she’s not upset with the circulating drawing.


Isidro even said that she’s proud to be compared to a ‘legend’ like Palito.

“Dear DDS, If you think I am offended by this, I am not. Palito is a legend. I am quite honored, actually. So thank you for this,” Isidro said.

However, Agot warned that she’s going to block some people who kept bothering her on Twitter.

“Please, take your pea-brains out of my TL, because I am blocking you. My TL, my rules,” she warned.

A follower of Isidro who met Palito decades ago shared his moments with the comedian.

“Had the pleasure of meeting Palito way back in the 90’s. My mom and I saw him at Wendy’s Sucat Interchange. He was a low key, humble-looking man. He even talked to my mom on our way back to the parking lot. Walang ka-ere-ere. God bless him. And you too,” @nnernerd said.


Netizen @AkoHigala also praised Isidro for her looks.

“You have always been very pretty, stylish, and sophisticated, Ms. A, but you look adorable in this picture. Palito just like Babalu who you had the chance to work within a sitcom also left an indelible mark in the Philippine entertainment industry,” he said.

However, some of Isidro’s critics couldn’t stop themselves from posting negative comments about the actress.

“Ang sarap ng feeling during this time we are with our love ones and I pitty this woman
@agot_isidro with no husband and no child,” netizen @samjonah05 said.

Isidro is not the only actress who became the subject of funny portraits online.


A funny portrait of Maris Racal has also gone viral on social media.

Both Isidro and Racal became the favorite targets of the Duterte supporters because of their statements against the government.


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