Ex Solicitor General Hilbay urges people to avoid watching President Duterte’s televised address: “Don’t help him feed his ego”

Defeated senatorial candidate and former Solicitor General Florin ‘Pilo’ Hilbay urged his followers to stop watching President Rodrigo Duterte’s televised address, calling it ‘useless.’

Hilbay was known for watching every televised address of Duterte to analyze the actions of the President.


The critic of the President even praised the latter last month and called his speech ‘impressive’.

However, on April 16, Hilbay announced that he would stop watching the presscons of the chief executive because he believed that Duterte is only wasting the time of the people.

The former Otso Diretso bet said that people should spend their nights with their family instead of watching the President prevent him from spreading ‘propaganda.’

“Stopped watching the President’s useless press cons after the 2nd time he wasted the nation’s attention. We’re better off w summaries by credible media outlets. Don’t help him feed his ego & distribute propaganda. Spend time w yourself or family instead,” Hilbay said.

Hilbay ended his tweet with the hashtag ‘DontWatchThePresident.’

He also made another tweet about the said televised address.


“Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” (A president seeking to inspire fellow citizens to join the cause of freedom and progress). “Ano ambag mo?” (An angry president lashing out at citizens asking for accountability and leadership).” he tweeted.

Two days ago, Duterte slammed his critics and asked them about their contribution to the country.


Duterte also said that he would name his critics when the next election period.

“Nakikita mo naman kung sino-sino sila. Ano ang nagawa? Ito lang tanong ko: Dumaan na man kayo, ano ang nagawa ninyo para sa bayan? Iyan lang. Kapag sinabi ninyo ako wala, okay wala. Eh kayo? What have you done for the country except to talk and criticize and talk? Pilipino naman nakikinig ka diyan sa mga… Nagbabasa ka diyan sa mga Facebook-Facebook.” Duterte said.


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