Noli De Castro on Mayor Vico Sotto after insisting tricycle operations in Pasig: “Baka hindi niya alam na bawal ang public transpo”

Fans of Vico Sotto criticized former Vice President Noli De Castro for allegedly throwing shade to the Mayor.

In an episode of TV Patrol on March 18, De Castro made a side comment to Vico Sotto’s appeal to the government, asking them to allow the tricycles to operate in Pasig City.

“Kami po sinusubukan namin ang lahat…pero kulang pa rin po talaga sa ngayon. Nakikiusap po ako sa ating nasyonal na pamahalaan, baka naman po pwedeng bigyan ng konsiderasyon ‘yung mga tricycle,” Sotto said.

However, De Castro seems unimpressed by the Mayor’s appeal.

“Baka hindi niya alam na bawal ang public transpo.” De Castro said.

The former Vice President then said that the national government already reminded the LGUs not to allow tricycles to operate because it might result in a domino effect.

“Hindi daw dapat payagan ang mga tricycle kasi pag pinayagan ng Pasig, lahat na ng tricycle sa Metro Manila ay magrereklamo na Pasig lamang, so wala bang binibigay na serbisyo behikulo sa siyudad ng Pasig si Mayor,” he said.

The netizens didn’t like the comment of De Castro and started to criticize the veteran journalist on social media.

“Dear Noli de Castro, STOP PAINTING Vico Sotto in a bad light just because he’s asking permission to have tricycles operate in Pasig. May I remind you that you were involved in a corruption scandal with HLURB during your term as VP,” @jordans_magic said.

“NOLI DE CASTRO looks very irritated at the report of JEFF CANOY about the vigor and dynamic measures and humane leadership of Mayor Vico Sotto. Its because that is something he was not. Being VP during Arroyo’s term, he showed no LEADERSHIP, NO DYNAMISM, NO HUMANITY,” @westzian remarked.

“Noli de Castro‘s analysis is too simplistic: “National government says bawal, therefore that’s right.” Vico Sotto is on the ground in Pasig. He knows what people need. Kabayan has wrong priorities. It’s not just about the letter of the rules. It’s about saving people!” netizen @romesdiary stated.

The Department of Interior and Local Government told Vico Sotto that his request was denied.

“We respect the opinion of mayor Vico Sotto in Pasig ngunit pasensya na po mayor hindi po talaga namin kayo pwedeng pagbigyan,” DILG Undersecretary Jonathan Malaya said Thursday in a press briefing.

“Kasi po if we allow mass transportation in Pasig…magrerequest na po ang lahat. Pag ginawa po natin yan, we give an exemption, it will defeat the entire purpose of the quarantine,” he added.


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