Frankie Pangilinan questions military prescence during community quarantine: Masusugpo ba ng baril ng militar ang virus?

The daughter of Liberal Party President and Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan took a swipe to President Rodrigo Duterte’s order to deploy the military around Luzon amid the community lockdown due to COVID-19.

Singer-composer Frankie Pangilinan used Disney’s Rapunzel movie “Tangled” to criticize the Duterte administration’s alleged militarization of Luzon.

She cited the song “When Will My Life Begin”, and changed some of the lyrics to fit her message against the Duterte administration.

In the lyrics, she asked the condition of the nurses and also questioned why the government believes that the military was “necessary” to the fight against COVID-19.

Pangilinan even sarcastically asked if the weapon being used by the military could clear the virus.


“So I’ll read a book or maybe two or three ?
I’ll add a few new paintings to my gallery ?
I’ll play guitar ?
and knit ?
and cook ??
and basically ??‍♀️
just wondering
how are our health workers?
why is the military force necessary?
are guns supposed to kll the virus?

When President Duterte declared the community quarantine in Metro Manila on March 12, the chief executive deployed the military to ensure the peace and order for one month.

A follower of Pangilinan explained the purpose of the military during the community quarantine.

“Our Military are necessary due to the limited number of our health workers. Their purpose is limited to general crowd control. Though, sana, equipped din sila ng PPEs and meron ding at least isang health worker na kasama. They are part of a cluster in Incident Command Systems,” @robipastera told Pangilinan.


Pangilinan responded, saying that she’s only concerned that instead of sanitizing paraphernalia, the military was shown carrying their weapons.

“Yes po I’m more concerned about the fact it appears they’re mobilizing for something else. in South Korea for example, all military personnel are equipped with sanitization paraphernalia. in comparison, ours are armed,” Pangilinan said.

She also stated that the government had the chance to prepare earlier for the virus.

“At any rate, we had months to prepare for this and could’ve easily been much more on top of it than we are now. the test kits should’ve been mass produced and government funded. and now we’re panic mode because there was neither adequate prevention nor preparation,” she said.


Several critics of the government suspected that the Duterte administration is planning to declare martial law, however, the President denied it, saying that the current situation doesn’t need it.

Pangilinan is not the only public personality who questioned the decisions of the Duterte administration, even artist Juan Miguel Severo took a swipe to the President, saying that the virus may really stay away from the police and soldiers because they’re more frightening because of the alleged EJKs they committed.


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