Netizens to people pushing Vico Sotto as President: “Diba gusto niyo ring tumakbo noon si Mayor Duterte tapos ngayong nakaupo na puro batikos kayo!”

Netizens urged the people to calm down and stop pushing Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto to run for President, citing that there’s also a Mayor living in Davao City who got pushed by the Filipinos to run for the seat in Malacañang.

Amid the media mileage being received by Sotto after his actions to his city during the period of community, some netizens said that the Pasig Mayor is already competent to become the next President of the country.

However, some of them reminded the people that they also pushed another Mayor to become the President of the country and now they’re criticizing him.

Rodrigo Duterte was once a Mayor of Davao City and urged by the people to run as President.

He was admired because he transformed Davao City as one of the best and safest cities in the Philipines.

Here are some of the tweets we compiled:

“Filipinos declaring Vico Sotto as the next president screams the same energy when people elected Duterte as the president while he was still the mayor of Davao City, and was also doing well,” @msynnsh tweeted.

“Mayor Vico Sotto for president? Wag na, nangyari na yan wala din naman. Remember Mayor Rodrigo Duterte? Diba halos lahat ng Pilipino gusto siyang patakbuhin bilang Presidente, pero nung naupo na puro reklamo at rally pa din. Ang point ko, wala sa administrasyon yan,” netizen @thelab74129066 said.

“So ang point ko lang, kahit sino pa ang maupo bilang President, may mga tao pa din na di makuntento sa kahit na anong gawin ng gobyerno. Kahit simula pa noon. Kay GMA, Noynoy, at sa ngayon. Ganyan ang ibang Pilipino eh lalo na yung mga nagrarally,” he added.

“Reason kung bakit ayaw kong tumakbong president si mayor vico. Pag naging presidente sya mumura murahin nyo lang din, ganyan kayo kay duterte e! SAMIN LANG SYA SA PASIG!!!” @bleeh remarked.

“Years ago, you also wished Rodrigo Duterte to be your president then turned your back, bashing him for what he is doing now. Wag niyo sana ulitin to pag sina Isko Moreno and Vico Sotto na yung na-elect niyo,” @itsnotshew stated.

Some netizens also urged people to let Vico Sotto get experience first before running for a higher position.

“I saw this post sa fb. mayor vico sotto has been immensely recognized recently. people are clamoring for him to run for president in the future. ganun din naman si duterte before when he was still a mayor of davao. until people wanted him to run for president,” netizen @mncxdlsrys wrote.

“let’s recognize our leaders for their accomplishments pero let us not put any pressure to them. let them grow in their own pace kasi handling the Philippines is not an easy task. pasig and davao are very much different compared to an entire nation,” she added.

“Remember when everyone was also admiring Pres. Duterte when he was still the Mayor of Davao? And now, here comes Mayor Vico Sotto of Pasig. I’m not siding anyone here, it’s just that, being a mayor is so much different from being a president. Well, that’s my opinion,” @itsmaryeeel said.

A netizen even said that what happened in 2015 seems happening again in 2020.

However, even if the supporters of Vico Sotto insist, the Pasig Mayor is still not allowed to run for President as he’s only 30-years old while the age requirement for being a chief executive candidate is 40.

It means that Sotto needs to wait for 10 more years to become qualified. The earliest possible time he can run is the 2034 presidential election.

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