Netizen explains why ABS-CBN artists and employees should not blame Duterte: “They need to ask the management”

A netizen explained why President Rodrigo Duterte should not be blamed for the possible closure of television network giant ABS-CBN.

Noel Landero Sarifa, on a Facebook post, urged the employees of ABS-CBN to ask their management instead of putting all the blame to President Duterte over what’s happening to their network.

The netizen mentioned several things that he believes should be answered by ABS-CBN if they really wanted to save the company from closing.

Sarifa then posted screenshots of some alleged fake news posted by ABS-CBN to prove his claims.

Here’s what Sarifa wrote:

“Well, the artist and fanatics, should never blame President Duterte on this matter, they need to ask the management as to why they let this happen. Here are some recall of my posts, since way back 2016, these are screenshots and there are links you may refer to(Some already deleted). I do not have any information about the ads that is supposed to be aired by the network but refused to do so, as the President said it was not aired, I believe the President is telling the truth, there is no statement from ABS-CBN denying the claim.

Here are some points ABS-CBN needs to answer.

– How ABS-CBN sensationalize news against Duterte
– No coverage on Duterte’s Rally if there is, they do not show how huge the crowd is ( thanks to cinemotion, netizens for providing us photos and videos) if there is the numbers are roughly way lower than the reality. Duterte has a very minimal air time in the news last 2016 campaign, unlike the other candidates, if it is something bad about Duterte, that’s the time they provide more air time.
– Publishing fake news with no public apology or admission of the fault.
– Allow airing of Children being used against Duterte
– Minimal to almost no news about President Duterte’s Administration Achievement.”

According to Sarifa, the news posted by ABS-CBN raised the eyebrows of the supporters of President Duterte and even himself wanted the network to close for good.

“These cause outrage to Duterte’s supporters, and until now we know how biased the network is. Remember, even anonymous Philippines hacked DZMM website as they can no longer bear all the black propaganda and mudslinging way back 2016?” said Sarifa.

“So if I will be asked? Do they deserve a renewal? NO, why would we let them keep on fooling us? If they cannot provide fair and balanced news and TV programs then its time for them to stop,” he added.

Sarifa then hoped that ABS-CBN should stop using their employees to gain sympathy to the public and the officials of the network should be taking the responsibility for their actions.

The franchise of ABS-CBN is set to expire in March 2020.

11 members of the House of Representatives already made an effort to push the franchise renewal of ABS-CBN but Congress said that the television network should still clear themselves from the accusations of the President.

Laguna Rep. Sol Aragones claimed that 11,000 employees could lose their job if ABS-CBN’s franchise expires.




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