Jim Paredes to the critics of De Lima’s American supporters: “If you think the US is meddling in our affairs, how would you describe China’s action?”

Legendary OPM artist Jim Paredes has a message to the critics of the US amid the support being received by Senator Leila De Lima from several American politicians.

On a tweet, Paredes asked the netizens why they criticized the US for allegedly meddling with the affairs of the Philippines, while some of them are not condemning China for not allowing Filipino fishermen to sail in the West Philippine Sea.

He also said that getting a “US Visa is not a human right” that’s why America has the right to reject anyone from entering their territory.

“If you think the US is meddling in our affairs, how would you describe china’s actions? We cant even fish or sail in our own waters,” said Paredes.


When asked what he thinks about the action of China, Paredes gave his own opinion, calling the government’s inaction in the West Philippine Sea as “treasonous”.

“Interference to the highest degree short of war. And govt not resisting it is being treasonous,” the artist said.


Paredes also defended the action of the US saying that it’s their “sovereign right” to refuse anyone from entering their country.

“The US can do what they want regarding who can enter their territory. That is their sovereign right just as HK had refused prominent Filipinos. This is not a question of interference,” he said.


The Duterte administration and some American politicians are criticizing each other after several US Senators pushed for the entry-ban against government officials allegedly involved in the detention of Senator Leila De Lima.

The Philippine Government even announced that they already banned three American Senators from visiting the country.

They’re also planning to require Americans from getting a visa before visiting the Philippines as a response to the entry-ban of US.

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