LOOK: Someone compiles alleged “disinformation” related to 30th Southeast Asian Games

A blogger made an effort to compile the alleged “fake news” published on social media to destroy the reputation of the 30th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games held in the Philippines.

On Thursday, Franco Mabanta posted 75 photos on his Facebook page showing the compilation of negative news related to SEA games that already debunked or having a questionable source.

Mabanta said that the compilation will convince the people that the negative news released related to SEA Games is “the single most dishonest and well-coordinated online smear campaign in Philippine history”.

He even explained why some people are trying to ruin the reputation of the SEA Games, saying that someone might want to remove House Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano from his current position, or someone is doing some efforts to lessen the popularity of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Here’s some of the photos posted by Mabanta:

Ex ABS-CBN Journalist Ricky Velasco has been debunked by his former network:

The news about Muslims being served with pork in the Philippines:

Nazvi Careem, one of the writes for South China Morning Post apologized for the article.

Some netizens published a two-year-old article to ruin the reputation of SEA Games:

Gilbuena Jay-Rho posted an article about the 16 Malaysian athletes suffers from food poisoning, however, the incident happened 2 years ago in Malaysia.

The Kikiam issue:

A few days ago, the people who managed the SEA Games received a tremendous amount of criticisms after a football coach said that her team was served with streetfood ‘kikiam’ as their breakfast.

However, the football coach later apologized and admitted that the breakfast served to her team is not kikiam.

The hotel said that the athletes were served with chicken sausage and not kikiam.

Two toilets in one cubicle posted by Angel Movido:

Journalist Angel Movido posted a photo of a toilet showing two bowls placed in one cubicle only.

However, the Movido issued an erratum for the photo she posted.

Do you think there’s really a campaign happening against the SEA Games? We want to know your thoughts!


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