“Like an interrogation!” Gretchen Ho receives criticisms over her style of interviewing a Singaporean athelete

Netizens and bloggers have been criticized journalist and volleyball player Grethen Ho over the tone of her voice while interviewing Singaporean Athlete Mark Shen.

In the interview in can be heard Ho asking questions in a straight manner to Shen and the Singaporean beach volleyball player is trying to answer in the most positive way possible.

“Initially there were lot of rumors about how the accommodation and reception from Philippines was not up to standard but upon arrival in the Philippine, it was really good. The reception from the airport was really up to our expectations. And everything was smooth,” Shen said after being asked about the issues being faced by the 30th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games.

“We got to our hotel and settle in very quickly. In less than one hour, we were in. The food for day one is enough for us. The (food) quality and quantity is not bad,” he added.

Ho also asked what food did the Singaporean athletes received and the time of their arrival.

The journalist also asked Shen if they experienced any problems during their arrival, but the Singaporean athlete said that they didn’t experience any trouble at all.


Shen also said that the quality of sand in the courts of Subic is better than their previous visits to the Philippines.

The netizens didn’t like the manner of Ho, saying that the journalist is more like interrogating the athlete than interviewing him.

Some accused Ho of “fishing” for negative feedback.

Here’s some of the comments from the netizens:

Blogger Mark Lopez also reacted to the said interview in a sarcastic way.


How to interview a National ATHLETE who will be competing in an INTERNATIONAL TOURNAMENT to represent his country, by GRETCHEN HO:

Question: How was your arrival? Did you like the airport?

Question: How is the Shuttle service? Did you like the bus?

Question: How is the accommodation? Is there a bed in your room?

Question: How is the food? Were you served kikiam?

Question: How is the venue of the tournament? Do you like the sand surface? Is it overpriced?


End of interview.

Oh, by the way, the sporting event is the 2019 SEA Games Beach Volleyball, and the athlete was Mark Shen from Singapore…

No mention of the actual sport, of the competition, of what it is like to represent your country.

Ho didn’t react on the criticisms she received from thet netizens.


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