President Duterte to fire Robredo if she reveals some state secret: “Once she does that, she’s out”

President Rodrigo Duterte said that there’s a possibility that he would fire Vice President Leni Robredo who’s currently the co-chair of the Inter-Agency Committee Against Illegal Drugs (ICAD).

In an exclusive interview with GMA-7, President Duterte that there’s some information that the Vice President cannot reveal especially if it’s related in the security of the state.

According to Duterte, he would fire the Vice President immediately if ever she discloses some information about the state that considered as secret.

“There’s a limit to that. I know that she’s a lawyer and she has other advisers…There are certain matters that should be kept with the government, that classified matters cannot be shared,” said Duterte.

“Once [she does] that, she’s out, I would fire her. Because you jeopardized the security of the state,” he added.

Duterte made the remarks after Vice President Robredo reportedly asked the government about the list of the high-value targets.

PDEA chief Aaron Aquino questioned the reason why Robredo is interested in the said list.

“Meron atang hinihingi na list. One example ‘yung list ng high-value targets. So I think, nag-iisip naman ako bakit kailangan niya in the first place. Wala naman sa mandates namin ‘yun, na kailangan kumuha ng listahan ng high-value target,” Aquino said.

Robredo was appointed last week by President Duterte to lead the law enforcers.

The Vice President consulted several experts from the United States of America and the United Nations so she could get some ideas on how she would effectively enforce the law.


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