Mayor Isko Moreno confronts driver who drags enforcer using his car then told inmates: “Matapang daw to mga bata”

“Matapang daw to mga bata… alam niyo na, pag matigas anong ginagawa? Pinapalambot,”

This is what Mayor Isko Moreno told the inmates while confronting Orlando Ricardo Jr. the driver who became viral on social media after he was caught speeding and dragged a member of the Manila Traffic And Parking Bureau (MTPB).

Yesterday, Ricardo Jr. was caught by the authorities speeding across parts of Sampaloc and Santa Cruz Manila.

It was also seen in the CCTV that he dragged MTPB member Adrian Lim after the former didn’t allow the enforcer to give him a ticket for disregarding lane which only cost 500 pesos.

On Sunday, Moreno paid a visit to Ricardo Jr. who’s currently detained at Manila Police District Station 3 to personally scold him.

Orlando Ricardo Jr. (left) MTPB enforcer Adrian Lim (middle) and Mayor Isko Moreno (right)
Photo: Isko Moreno Domagoso Facebook page

“Bakit? Anong nasa isip mo? Kailan ka huling tumira?” Moreno told Ricardo Jr. after he suspected that the latter is under influence during his confrontation with the MTPB officer.

Moreno was also saddened because Ricardo Jr. is not from Manila and only passing by.

“Dumadaan lang kayo sa Maynila salbahe pa kayo? Wala kayong puwang dito sa Maynila,” he said.

According to Col. Rolando Magdaluyo, Ricardo Jr. was very uncooperative with the cops, fortunately, the latter is not keeping any weapon inside his car during that time.

“Maigi sana kung may baril para nakita niya yung hinahanap niya,” Col. Magdaluyo told Mayor Isko Moreno.

Ricardo Jr. explained that the reason why he was speeding is that he thought that someone is chasing him.

However, Moreno didn’t believe the alibi of Ricardo Jr.

“Masama yang tinitira mo ha, tamang hinala ka,” he said.

According to Moreno, MTPB enforcers are only receiving 6,000 monthly, but they’re risking their lives to do their job.

“Inuulan na nga ng mura itong mga to [MTPB enforcers],” Moreno said.

The Mayor also pointed out the importance of being calm during traffic hours, saying that if Ricardo Jr. only cooperated with the MTPB enforcer and just paid 500 pesos for a ticket, the latter might already at home right now and not being detained.

“Pag nasa Maynila po kayo, sana po ay sumunod kayo ng kusa,” Moreno said.

Before leaving the station, Moreno said something to the inmates again.

“Alam na this! Ingat kayo,” Moreno said.

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