“Labo labo na!” Gretchen Barreto calls Ruffa Gutierrez “sawsawera”, Anabelle Rama defends her daughter

Other famous personalities are already being dragged in the Barreto sisters feud.

The latest celebrity joined the battle royale is Ruffa Gutierrez, who showed her friendliness towards Julia Barreto on Instagram amid the fight between the latter and her other relatives.

“Freshhhhhh,” Ruffa Gutierrez @iloveruffag told Julia Barreto @juliabarreto


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Goodmorning selfies ?

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Gretchen Barreto, Julia’s aunt noticed Gutierrez comment on the latter’s Instagram post which made her throw shade against the former beauty queen.

On her Instagram post, Gretchen Barreto reposted the Instagram selfie of Julia, highlighting the comment of Gutierrez and called her “sawsawera”.

“Sawsaw pa more! Ruffy!! take it take it!! wow!!” Gretchen Barreto captioned.

Barreto seems to refer to the 1994 Manila Film Festival fiasco where Ruffa Gutierrez was falsely awarded the title “best actress”.

The line “Take it, take it!” came from the late actress Viveka Babajee who encouraged Gutierrez to take the award during that time.

Gretchen is one of the whistleblowers who revealed the fiasco during that time.

Meanwhile, Ruffa posted a message on Instagram following the criticism she received from Gretchen.



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“The next time they try to put you down, just remember that confidence is silent but insecurities are loud,” Gutierrez said.

Ruffa’s mother, Anabelle Rama also suggested to her daughter not to waste her time trying to fight back against Gretchen.

“Tama, huwag mo na patulan ‘yan. Don’t waste your precious time! Basta mahal ka namin ng family mo, ‘yon ang importante!” Anabelle Rama said.

However, in another post, Anabelle is the one who fight back for her daughter against the criticisms of Gretchen.

“Kawawa ka naman. Halos wala ka ng kakampi. Halos buong mundo, isinusumpa ka. Nananahimik kami, bakit galit ka sa comment ng anak ko, masama bang mag-comment ng positive?” Annabelle said.

“Bakit ka ba nagwawala, hindi naman tungkol sa’yo ang comment?! Dapat kang magalit sa mga nag-post ng pictures n’yong dalawa ng boyfriend mo na nasa airport kayo hanggang sa airplane….” she added.

Anabelle Rama also added that Gretchen should focus on searching for the people who posted her photos with Atong Ang on social media.


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