CCTV footage showing confrontation between Morcillo family and Alxander Butal at Brgy Hall released

A CCTV Footage has been released on social media showing the confrontation between the relatives of Dimples Morcillo and Alexander Butal.

The footage was taken inside a Barangay Hall an hour after Morcillo accused Butal of trying to kiss her while they’re riding an e-jeepney.

In the video, it can be seen Dimples, together with her mother and father while charging at Butal. However, Dimples tried to stop her relatives from charging at the jeepney driver.

Butal cannot be seen in the video as the camera couldn’t reach the jeepney driver.

In the background, it can be heard a Barangay official claiming that he told the relatives of Morcillo to stop their actions because they might become responsible for the medical expenses of Butal.

There’s also a moment where the mother of Dimples was stopped by the people inside the Barangay hall after she attempted to go near Butal.

It can be remembered that the mother of Dimples claimed that she’s the last one who arrived at the Barangay Hall, saying that if she arrived on time, she will stop her relatives from charging at Butal.

The mother of Dimples also received a warning from the said official, reminded her that she’s working for the Barangay as a health worker.

A few days ago, Dimples and her mother plead to Butal during their face-to-face at the program Raffy Tulfo in Action, asking the jeepney driver not to file a case against them after it was proven that the former is only making a story.

Despite the plea of the Morcillo family, Butal insisted that the people who charge at him should face legal consequences.

A CCTV footage taken inside the e-jeepney shows that Butal only lost his balance while trying to sit beside Morcillo.


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