“Wag mo akong hawakan!” Gretchen Barreto shows videos of the wake of their father to show the truth

Gretchen Barreto posted some videos on Instagram to counter the accusations of her sister Marjorie, saying that the former started the commotion during the wake of their father, Miguel Alvir Barretto.

In her Instagram post, Gretchen posted a video forwarded to her by one of the guests of the wake, who video recorded the incident.

The video didn’t show the faces of the guest, however, one part of the video showed President Duterte in front of the quarreling members of the Barreto clan.

A loud noise was suddenly heard during the video and the people started to rush in front of the coffin of Mr. Barreto to see the source of the noisy sound.

Because the video was poorly recorded, some of the words the people said are inaudible, however, there are some few phrases that can be heard during the quarrel.

Konting respeto!” “Susuntikin mo ako?!” “Wag mo akong hawakan!”

The incident happened in front of President Duterte itself and it can be seen some men wearing uniform who are possible members of the Presidential Security Group (PSG) trying to restrain the members of the Barreto family.


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Gretchen posted the said videos several hours after Marjorie Barreto denied the accusations of her sisters that she started the commotion at their father’s wake.

“Don’t be fooled by the statements of my sisters, they are leaving out a very important detail of what really caused pain and tension in the wake. May I request everyone to allow our family to grieve, it’s our last day with our Father today. Please hold your judgment and opinions until he is laid to rest, then WE WILL FOR THE FIRST TIME SPEAK THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH,” Marjorie said on her Instagram post.

According to some sources, the President who’s known for being tough was also shocked because he was unprepared to witness the confrontation between the Barreto sisters.

The President refused to talk about the incident publicly.

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