Barreto sisters reportedly quarrel in front of President Duterte during their father’s wake

Even in the wake of their father, the Barreto sisters refused to stop their feud temporarily.

Yesterday, it was reported that during President Rodrigo Duterte’s visit at Miguel Alvir Barretto’s wake, he tried to reconcile Gretchen and Marjorie Barreto by urging them to shake hands.

Reports said Gretchen tried to follow President Duterte’s request to shake Marjorie’s even for once to show their respect to their father for the last time.

However, Marjorie refused to follow Duterte’s request, saying that Gretchen is trying to be ‘plastic’ just because the President is in front of them.

A few months ago, Gretchen and Marjorie had an online feud after they took different sides during the Julia Barreto, Gerald Anderson, and Bea Alonzo controversy.

Marjorie defended her daughter, Julia, while Gretchen defended her friend Bea Alonzo.

It was also reported that while the President is talking to some members of the family at the wake, one of Barreto’s grandchildren showed an attitude in front of Gretchen.

The action of the Barreto grandchildren didn’t receive well by Gretchen and tried to retaliate, however, some of the guests of the wake tried to stop the latter.

However, all the guests of the wake were shocked after Gretchen grabbed the hair of her niece.

The Presidential Security Group (PSG) took an action and restrained the two members of the Barreto family.

“It was all so nice until Marjorie had a nervous breakdown,” Gretchen told ABS-CBN news.

After the incident, Claudine Barreto was brought to the hospital after a confrontation with Marjorie.

She accused Julia Barreto as part of the confrontation.

President Duterte didn’t give any comment on the said incident.


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