Mayor Isko Moreno fires a traffic enforcer on the spot: “Pahinga ka na, ayaw niyong magtino ha”

Mayor Isko Moreno expressed utter disappointment after he caught a member of the Manila Traffic And Parking Bureau (MTPB) allegedly having a settlement with a bus driver Tuesday.

Moreno who’s walking along Liwasang Bonifacio caught the MTPB officer allegedly talking with the traffic violator inside the bus which is not the proper process of ticketing.

The Mayor believed that the MTPB officer had a settlement with the driver as the bus allowed to escape the area immediately.

Because of his anger, Moreno fired the traffic enforcer on the spot and asked his staff to confiscate the ID and the ticket of the latter.

“O pahinga ka na… ayaw niyong magtino ha,” Moreno told the traffic enforcer.

According to Moreno, the place where he saw the traffic enforcer is a known illegal terminal and the said bus driver is driving without any license.

After catching the bus, Moreno ordered his staff to impound the vehicle.

Moreno also confronted the bus driver and the conductor giving them a firm warning about what they did.

However, the Mayor let the bus conductor go home, while the bus driver was told the Moreno to go to the City Hall to get his license.

“Sumunod kayo sa alituntunin at makakapag hanap buhay kayo ng maayos,” Moreno said.


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