PUP to file cases against teachers asking their students to participate in rally

The Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) vowed to file administrative cases against their professors who are requiring their students to join rallies against the government.

During the sidelines of the Senate hearing on missing minors who allegedly recruited by organizations linked with the communist movement on Wednesday, PUP president Emanuel de Guzman said that they’re ready to punish their educators if they are proven encouraging students to join demonstrations.

“If proven, administrative cases will be filed against them. They will no longer be qualified to teach in PUP,” de Guzman said.


The President of PUP said that he would support the government in stopping the recruitments of the leftist groups like KABATAAN and ANAKBAYAN that caused the students to leave their homes in an early age to join the communist movement.

De Guzman also apologized to the parents of the missing students, saying that he’s not aware of that the communists operate in their university.

“Ako po ay nag-a-apologize sa kanila dahil ‘yung mga anak nila na nasa PUP ay na-recruit kahit na ito ay labag sa aming kalooban. But we cannot commit that 100 percent, this would not happen. We are hoping this will not happen again,” he said.


Ang PUP, kahit noon pang panahon ng martial law ay lugar na ng mga aktibista, pero maliit na minorya lamang sila sa aming malaking populasyon. Unti-unti nang lumiliit ang bilang dahil naglagay na kami ng reporma,” he added.

Senator Ronald Dela Rosa also said that he got a complaint that a professor in the University of the Philippines Cebu is requiring his students to attend rallies against the government in exchange of passing grades.

“Teachers leading their students astray, communists allowed to recruit inside the school grounds, we should not tolerate that,” the senator said.


The said hearing was attended by the mothers of the missing children who were senior high school students in PUP, Far Eastern University and the University of the East Manila.

According to them, their children were recruited to join Anakbayan, Kabataan, and League of Filipino Students.

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