Chinese National who caught for driving without license tries to bribe police officers: “We don’t need your money!”

Two Chinese national has been invited to the police station after they were caught driving without a license, disobeying and trying to bribe the law enforcers based in Sampaloc Police Station.

The trouble gets bigger when the female driver who’s using a car with an NBI commemorative plate even tried to bribe the police officer who’s talking to him.

It seems that the Chinese national cannot speak English and just showed her money to the police officer who feels insulted by the former’s action.

“No, no we don’t need your money, we are not after your money… you break the law,” the police officer told the Chinese National.

However, despite the request of the police officer to stop bribing them, the Chinese national continued to show her money.

“You are offering something to us? We’re not like that. You are in the Philippines, we policeman are not like that, we don’t need your money, you need to come with us because you violate the law,” he said.

According to the police officers, the Chinese national offered a total of 4,500 pesos to them.

Meanwhile, the police officer received praise from the netizens.

“Good job Mr Police sana maging ehemplo ka sa mga ibang pulis,salute to you,” netizen Gloria Ocampo said.

“Nakakaproud si sir. Nakakahawa talaga ang paggawa ng kabutihan. Sana lahat ng awtoridad at nanunungkulan sa gobyerno mahawa na din,” Persius Gomez remarked.

“Salamat marami na talaga matitinong pulis unti unti na tayo sa totong tuwid na daan. Salamat mga Sir,” Ramer Binas commented.

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