President Duterte vows to increase the salary of teachers and nurses

President Rodrigo Duterte vows to increase the salary of teachers and nurses under the new Salary Standardization law.

Under the said law, all government employees, including teachers and nurses, would receive a higher salary.

In his fourth State of the Nation Address (SONA), President asked the Congress to pass it quickly.

“I, therefore, believe that it is now time for Congress to approve a new version of the Salary Standardization Law, ngayon na,” Duterte said.

“To the teachers, alam mo dito… who toil and work tirelessly to educate our young, kasali na po dito ‘yung hinihingi ninyo,” he added.

However, the President said that the salary increase would not be bigger as what he gave to the policemen and soldiers.

“Hindi naman masyadong malaki, pero it will tide you over during these hard times, a little bit bigger than before. This is intended to increase the salaries of national government workers including teachers and nurses,” he said.

According to Education Secretary Leonor Briones, a P5,000 salary increase to all public school teachers would cost the government 75-M pesos annually, or P343-B if the current administration wanted it to double like the police and soldier salary.

Being a government teacher and nurse is one of the hardest jobs in the government that’s why several groups represented them pleaded to the President to increase their salaries too.



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