Militants vandalize mendiola monument 24 hours after Manila City government cleanup

Netizens are upset after they saw the photos of Chino Reyes Monument being vandalized 24 hours after it was renovated by the Government of Manila as part of their mission to beautify the city.

In the photos circulated on social media, the clean up happened on Saturday morning, July 20, 2019, while some groups vandalized the monument on Sunday morning.

The still-unidentified vandals’ used spray paint to put a text “DU30 Patalsikin”.

Mendiola is known to be the site of numerous demonstrations.

It happened, one day before the fourth State of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Duterte.

“Yung naaatim mo yung heavy traffic at basura kaka-rally pero yung ganito na mag-vandal pa!!!” 2BrosViral said in their post.

Netizen Benedict Exconde claimed that the communists from CALABARZON region vandalized the newly-clean monument as part of their protest for Duterte’s SONA.

Blogger Atty. Darwin Caneta expressed his disappointment over the acts of the vandals, saying that they should be held liable for what they did.

“Leftists should be treated like the pests and parasites they really are,” Canete said.

As of writing, Manila Mayor Isko Moreno is not yet releasing a statement on the recent vandalism happened in his City.

Moreno is the one who led the cleanup operations in the City and showed high respect to the heritage sites that can be found in Manila.



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