“Ang bilis!” Mayor Isko presents kotong enforcer to media hours after he warns the MTPB on the possibility of firing all of them

Mayor Isko Moreno presented the member of the Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB) who caught doing extortion activity yesterday.

The said enforcer was caught by the authorities several hours after Moreno confronted the other members of the MTPB and warned them about the possibility of being fired if they’re not going to give any information that could help in catching the suspect.

Moreno introduced the suspect who’s still wearing uniform and ID to the media.

He also thanked the netizen who provided the CCTV footage to prove that the enforcer committed illegal acts.

The suspect said that before Moreno came to the office an official from city hall tasked them to extort 15,000 to the motorists.

The Mayor expressed his utter frustration after being informed that a city hall official is ordering the MTPB enforcers to commit extortion.

According to Moreno, he couldn’t forgive the enforcer for his actions and ordered the latter to be fired on the spot. He also confiscated the I.D and the MTPB uniform of the suspect.

“Sa lahat ng MTPB, eto ang mangyayari sa inyo pagka kayo ay nangotong pa,” Moreno said.

The suspect is expected to face charges for committing extortion.

Moreno explained the reason why some enforcers are committing extortion, saying that the former people who handled many didn’t give sufficient salary to the MTPB.

The Mayor said that he would make a way to catch the people gaining money from extortion activities.

“Sa susunod ang makukuha nilang pera ay marked money na..” Moreno said.

“Hindi na nila alam kung yung pera ay may powder o wala,” he added.

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