Florin Hilbay to Manny Pacquiao: “Nasa Senado ang tunay na laban!”

Former Solicitor General and defeated senatorial candidate Florin Hilbay is one of the politicians who congratulated Senator Manny Pacquiao on his recent victory against Keith Thurman.

In a tweet, Hilbay hopes that Pacquiao’s performance in the senate can be as good as his abilities in boxing, saying that the Filipino Champ should be active in his job as a lawmaker.

Pacquiao who’s an ally of President Duterte is being criticized for missing many plenary sessions.

“I do hope you strive to become as good a statesman as you are a boxer. That means attending sessions in the Senate, preparing for & participating in debates, & championing the cause of equality & social justice. Nasa Senado yung tunay na laban,” Hilbay said.


Meanwhile, several netizens didn’t like the way Hilbay congratulated the Filipino Champ, saying that he doesn’t have the right to give advice to Pacquiao.

“Absent din po kau sa senado,diba? Ooops sori po, talo pala kau,” @iam_ButlerKim said.


“Meron din naman sa senado na lagi tulog. Parang kasama mo yata yun sa LP,” @jessie22102007 commented.

“Mas marami ng nagawa si Manny sayo kalbo. wag mo syang digtahan desisyon ka kala mo kung sino ka animal,” @marsha1975_ remarked.


Last year, Hilbay told his followers that people could be a fan of Manny Pacquiao in boxing without praising his abilities as a politician.

“Pwede namang ihiwalay ang paghanga kay Manny bilang boksingero sa paghusga sa kanya bilang tao o pulitiko. Maraming magaling na artista, atleta, o intelektwal na basurang tao o pulitiko,” Hilbay said in his 2018 tweet.

“Di ako hanga kay Manny bilang pulitiko pero ibang klaseng boksingero talaga siya,” he added.

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