Erap wants to be Manila City Mayor again: “I’m still strong!”

Former President Joseph Ejercito Estrada is planning to make a political comeback despite his old age.

Estrada who’s already 82 will be 85 during the next Mayoral election in Manila, and he’s expected to face the popular Mayor Isko Moreno.

He believed that he could still match his younger opponent, comparing himself to the 92-year-old Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad.


“If I have a chance to come back, I will. I’m still strong,” Estrada said.

To prove that he’s ready to run as Manila Mayor again, he didn’t plan to sell his house in Sta. Mesa so he could still become a resident of the country’s capital.

The former Manila Mayor said that the clearing operation ordered by Isko Moreno around his City is his style to gain popularity in exchange for the livelihood of poor businesspeople.

“I could not, in conscience magpapasikat lang ako, maglilinis, pero ang daming magugutom na mahihirap.” Estrada said.


He also denied that he’s receiving bribes from so-called organizers who are allowing the illegal vendors to operate.

According to him, he would instead come back in showbusiness than receiving money from bribes.

“Imposible naman, eh di mag artista na lang ako. Mas malaki pa kikitain ko. Papatulan ko pa mahihirap na tumulong sa kin? Kalokohan ‘yan.” he said.

As of writing, Moreno is not yet giving his opinions on the plans of the veteran politician to challenge him in the next Mayoral election.


Moreno defeated Estrada who’s running for his third term as Manila Mayor with 140,000 votes.


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