Tanauan Mayor personally drives students to prevent them from getting wet during strong rains

The new Mayor of Tanauan City made an idea on how to help the students to avoid getting wet amid the heavy rains in their place.

Mayor Sweet Halili, the daughter of the late leader of Tanauan City Antonio Halili personally participated in Oplan Hakot Eskwela that aims to give a free ride to the students and ensure that they’re safe going home.

The Mayor is using a van that could accommodate 18-20 students per ride.


Most of the students were stranded because of the heavy rains brought by typhoon Falcon.

The students didn’t forget to thank the Mayor for personally driving for them.

According to Tanauan City Government, teachers also availed the free ride but they were ordered by the Mayor to ensure the students’ safety.

After driving the students, Halili also visited several Barangays in Tanauan to check the condition of the residents.


Halili won the last Mayoral election in Tanauan, defeating her closest rival Sonia Aquino.



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