“Yari ka!” Ang Probinsiyano party-list Rep. may face ethics complaint for poorly treating a waiter

A newly-elected lawmaker may face an ethics complaint after he handled his temper poorly towards a waiter working at a restaurant in Legazpi City on July 7.

Ang Probinsyano party-list Rep. Alfred delos Santos was spotted in a CCTV footage after he tried to hit a waiter identified as Christian Kent Alejo, 22, a worker of Biggs Diner.

According to the victim, he said that the neophyte lawmaker told him that he didn’t like the attitude shown to him by the waiter.


But according to Alejo, he’s only fixing the placemats in front of the lawmaker and he sees nothing wrong with it because it’s part of his job.

“Bakit ang sama mong makatingin?” the congressman told Alejo based on a sworn statement.

In the CCTV footage, it was shown that the congressman threw his fist towards the head of the service crew. Alejo only partially evaded the hand of the lawmaker.

Some reports also said that the cops gave advice to Alejo not to file a complaint because he’s facing a Congressman.


As of writing, Congressman delos Santos is not yet giving a statement on the incident.

Delos Santos is the first nominee of the “Ang Probinsiyano” party-list which endorsed by actor Coco Martin and actress Yassi Pressman.

It won the election as 5th placer with 752,468 votes.

The party-list name is the same as the popular tv series “Ang Probinsiyano”.


“Ang Probinsiyano” aims to represent the Filipinos living in the provinces, but it seems that their representative didn’t like treating probinsiyanos at all.

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