“Nakikisama lang!” Mayor Isko Moreno’s video while playing dice game circulates on social media

Isko Moreno is already a famous figure even before he became Mayor. However, his performance as Mayor boosted his popularity, especially on social media and even his old videos has been searched by the netizens to know more about him.

One of Isko Moreno’s recirculated videos was taken in 2018 by netizen Dan Moreno, a resident of Tondo, Manila.

According to some reports, Isko visited a funeral when he saw that some people are playing games with bet.

Instead of stopping the people from doing betting, Moreno, who also grew in Tondo joined them and even hold the dice.


Several people started shouting in happiness when Moreno threw the dice and won the game.

The video was taken during the time when Isko was a still civilian and not working in any public office.

Betting is a normal scene in every funeral in the Philippines and people argued that it’s a big help to the bereaved family.

The video has gone viral yesterday and received mixed reactions from the netizens.

While some people are worried about what Isko did, most of his supporters didn’t see anything wrong with betting during a funeral.


Oo nga d papo sya mayor nyan Ska Larawan po yan ng pakikibagay. Bilang batang Tundo. Pero d nya din po kino konsinte yan,” Kim Godino said.

“Wag tayong maging plastik minsan sa buhay natin naglaro tayo nyan,” Jon Lester Lumandog remarked.

Despite the love of the Manila Mayor in playing the said dice game, it doesn’t mean that he would let betting prevail in his city.

When he became the Mayor of Manila, Moreno quickly ordered the confiscation of several video karera machines in his City and personally hammered it.

“Ayaw ko nang video karera, ang video karera tindahan nang droga ‘yan…Bawal, bawal. Fruit game, video karera bawal. Bawal at bawal. Kahit sinong pulis pa nagpatong diyan, bawal,” he said.


In 2013, Moreno who’s a Vice Mayor during that time faced trouble after he was accused of promoting betting by holding a Bingo game in Sta. Cruz, Manila.

However, the charges were dismissed and Moreno said that the accusations against him are just politicking.

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