Mayor Isko Moreno steps on “jackpot” while inspecting Andres Bonifacio monument

Mayor Isko Moreno is lucky enough to step in an unusual thing while inspecting the Andres Bonifacio Monument, the historical place that became the “bathroom” of animals and homeless people.

The Monument, which is very near the Manila City Hall was checked by Moreno itself and his team and he was shocked to see the dirty environment around the place.

Moreno is known for respecting historical sites and monuments around Metro Manila so he was saddened to see that even the monument of Andres Bonifacio.

In his live video, Moreno showed to his followers how unclean the monument and the park is.


While roaming around the area, the team was surprised after Moreno said that he step in the wrong place despite being careful many times.

“Sino swerte? Yayaman o ayan t**, swerte daw yan, magkakapera ako,” Moreno said while showing his shoes after stepping on a jackpot.

He also described the area as a “gold mine” of human waste and biggest comfort room in Manila.


“Ayan minahan oh, madaming ginto. Dito pala tinago ng katipunan ang ginto,” he said.

While talking to the reporters, Moreno revealed that the Andres Bonifacio Monument can be seen thru the windows of the Office of the Mayor, however, some people lived in the area illegally for six years.

After seeing the current condition of the monument, Moreno ordered MPD chief Vicente Danao to relieve Police Community Precinct (PCP) Commander of Lawton Area.


He also ordered the removal of vendors around the monument so they could start cleaning the area.

“Nagpapasalamat tayo sa mga vendors, kasi nakisuyo tayo sa kanila na ibalik na yung park sa taumbayan, kaya lang.. disheartening hindi lang vendor, kundi naging pinakamalaking banyo itong kartilya ng katipunan,” he said.

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