Bato goes out of his vehicle to assist a motorcycle rider who got bumped by a bus

Senatorial candidate Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa has been spotted helping a rider who got bumped by a bus along Globe Rotonda in Pasay City on Tuesday.

In the photo posted by Carlo Dalusong Andrade who also stopped for a while to check the incident, it showed Bato talking to the driver of the bus who bumped a rider who’s still unidentified yet.

According to Andrade, Bato who’s wearing a Barong Tagalog tried to help the rider by talking to the bus driver and calling the nearest law enforcers while they’re waiting for an ambulance.

Andrade was amazed that a high-profile person like Bato would not hesitate to go out of his vehicle to help normal people.

“What a good man. Hindi nagatubili na bumaba sa sasakyan nia at tulungan ang kapwa ntn rider na nabundol na bus. Isang mapagpalang araw sayo. SENATOR BATO. Sana all. Hehehe.” Andrade said.

Andrade narrated that Bato’s vehicle was only next to the bus when the incident happened, so he ordered his driver to stop his car and check the situation personally.

He also said that Bato quickly called an enforcer to assist the situation.

“Nkita ko mismo yan kasunod ng bus ung sasakyan ni sen. Bato huminto tlga cla para tumulong sa nadisgrasya. Cia pa nagpatwag ng enforcer.” he said.

The rider, who’s sitting after being hurt by the incident was thankful that Bato is there to help him.

Bato during his senatorial campaign vowed to serve the people 24/7 and he’s willing to use his experience as a cop to contribute in making laws and solving important issues.


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