Bato to Otso Diretso: “Kahit puro kayo mga abogado, akala niyo aatrasan kayo ng isang pulis lang?”

Senatorial candidate Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa told the members of Otso Diretso that he didn’t break his promise to face them without fear as he clashed with the opposition candidates single-handedly in the debate sponsored by CNN Philippines several days ago.

In a post, Dela Rosa narrated how tense was the situation during the debate that senatorial candidate Rafael Alunan already stood up in the middle to calm him and the other members of Otso Diretso.

According to him, if Alunan is not there, he’s not going to stop in debating with the Otso Diretso members.

Bato also said that a policeman like him would not be afraid of debating with the opposition bets which consisted of lawyers.

“Kinuyog ako ng otso diretso sa cnn debate mabuti na lang andoon si sec alunan para umawat. Ha ha ha hindi ko kayo aatrasan sa debate kahit puro kayo mga abogado. Akala ninyo aatrasan kayo ng isang pulis lang?” Dela Rosa said.

Several months ago, Bato already expressed his willingness to debate with Otso Diretso candidates anytime, anywhere even if he’s alone.

“Improving the country is done through action and not words. You’re good at debates but you haven’t done anything,” Dela Rosa said in Filipino.

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