Agot Isidro lauds Bato for facing six members of Otso Diretso: “He was a good sport”

Actress Agot Isidro praised senatorial candidate Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa for facing the six members of Otso Diretso in the debate organized by CNN Philippines.

In her tweet, Isidro said that Bato should be given credit after he showed up in the debate even he’s already aware that he’s going to be outnumbered by the opposition candidates.

“Let’s give credit to Bato for showing up and participating, knowing he’d be outnumbered. He was a good sport. You have to give him that.” Isidro said in her tweet.

In another post, she also said that Otso Diretso showed in the debate that they’re going to give the people an independent Senate.

“At the CNN debate, the participating Otso Diretso candidates showed us a glimpse of how an independent Senate would be like. We NEED them there.” Isidro said.

Agot is known for criticizing the current administration where Dela Rosa belongs.

Dela Rosa stole the show when he bravely faced the opposition bets in the debate who repeatedly criticized his policies during his time as the head of Philippine National Police.

Despite being outnumbered, Dela Rosa showed that he can manage to exchange ideas and explain his beliefs in front of the voters.



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