Veteran journalist worries about what ABS-CBN can do to Gretchen Fullido: “Expect that they will launch a massive vilification campaign like what they did to Mel Tiangco”

Veteran journalist and now internet blogger Jay Sonza expressed his concern on what the television network giant ABS-CBN could do with their news anchor Gretchen Fulido who filed cases against her executives.

In his post, Sonza said that as a journalist for many decades, he was already aware of how ABS-CBN can vilify the people who stood up against them.

He also claimed several personalities who were vilified by the said TV Network.

Sonza said that he knows the dark side of ABS-CBN because he also worked there for ten years.

You can read his post below:

“Expect abs-cbn to launch a massive vilification campaign vs. ms. gretchen fulido. that has always been their brand when an employee seek legal, labor or judicial redress.

they did that ms. ruth abao.
they did that to ms. mel tiangco.
they did that to tiya dely.
they did that to dozens of their other employees.

tatak ng abs-cbn iyan. kapag may nagreklamo, sisiraan iyong pobreng empleyado sa public thru their paid showbiz writers, in-house PR machinery and their hired law firms.

I should know. have been there for ten years.”

Jay Sonza and Mel Tiangco clashed with ABS-CBN after the two transferred their show in GMA 7.

Tiangco also recalled in one of her interviews that the most painful part of her life is when she was persecuted by her former network in 1995 when she was suspended after appearing into a detergent commercial.

“Ang natutunan ko lang sa experience na yun, ‘You cannot put a good man down.’” Tiangco said in her interview with

Meanwhile, columnist Malou Tiquia also shared her bad experience with one of the high officials of ABS-CBN after she labeled the said TV Station of being the “biggest political party in the country.”

According to her, after she said those words, ABS-CBN banned her and confirmed that she never set foot on that station since 2016.

This is what she said.

“In one of my guesting then, Manong Jay, I said that the biggest political party in the country is that TV station. Guess what, the head of news and public affairs issued a ban on me. Then when I accepted an offer to host in another station, the same person told a common friend, “Bakit naman si Malou pumunta pa sa iba”as if that person made me. So, in return, I told anyone inviting me from said station that I have been banned and they better tell their news and public affairs head about the invite. I have never set foot on that station since 2016. I have good friends there but that head is something else. Funny, one friend said, “they can unmake you.”

On October 5, Gretchen Fulido filed charges against former ABS-CBN News Executive Cheryl C. Favila and Maricar P. Asprec, ABS-CBN News Segment, Producer for allegedly persecuting her.

She also filed libel cases against her colleagues Cecilia ‘Ces’ Drilon and Venancio Borromeo,  Marie Lozano, “alleging that the three besmirched her reputation when they stated that she filed a similar s*x*al persecution complaint against Favila and Asprec with ABS-CBN management to leverage her employment status with ABS-CBN.”

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