“Nalusutan ang media!” President Duterte spends time with family in Hong Kong and bought yellow jacket for himself

President Rodrigo Duterte took a rest from politics and managing the country by traveling to Hong Kong together with his family and Special Assistant Christopher ‘Bong’ Go.

The travel of President Duterte was not announced to the public, and the rumor was first spread on social media on October 6 after someone took a photo of the chief executive wearing a face mask to hide his identity while doing some shopping at Causeway Bay in Hong Kong.

On the same day, SAP Bong Go confirmed that the President took a rest and traveled to Hong Kong to spend time with his partner Honeylet Avacena and daughter Veronica ‘Kitty’ Duterte.

It seems that the President was very happy that after months of doing his job as the leader of the Philippines continuously, he finally got time to do what he wants.

In other photos, it was shown that Duterte already removed his face mask and walking in public like a normal vacationist.

The President also didn’t waste the opportunity to buy new shoes and slippers in Hong Kong.

And even the politicians who criticized the President are called “yellows”, it doesn’t mean that Duterte dislikes the said color.

In another post, Go said that even the ‘yellows’ hate the President, Duterte still chose the yellow color for his new winter jacket.

He even posed with one of the mannequins wearing yellow.

It looks like that the President really loves the color yellow and his happy on what he bought.

It’s not yet known if the how long would the President stay in Hong Kong.

Usually, Duterte preferred to stay in Davao City during weekends.

Before Go posted the photos of President Duterte, several critics assumed that the chief executive is in Hong Kong to seek medical treatment.

Several days ago, Duterte announced his health condition to the public, saying that he went to the hospital and went to endoscopy and colonoscopy.

However, he didn’t disclose the result of the test.

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