Pulong Duterte teaches Trillanes how prove his accusations: “Sa korte ang punta, hindi sa media para mag pa presscon!”

Former Davao City Vice Mayor Pulong Duterte teaches Senator Antonio Trillanes IV on how he could correctly prove his accusations against his enemies.

On September 19, Duterte filed another libel case against the fiercest critic of his father, saying that the Senator accused him of being a smuggler of illegal drugs in the country.

After he filed the case, Duterte posted a Facebook message addressed to Trillanes, saying that he should bring his accusations in the court and not to the media.

Duterte also said that Trillanes’ accusations are nonsense and only trying to destroy the reputations of others using the power of publicity.

“Ito ang tamang proseso at venue, file ka ng kaso hindi ung pupunta ka sa media magpapa presscon, magdadadakdak, kahit ano pinagsasabi mo na wala namang batayan, walang kwenta at saysay. Puro salita para manira ng kapwa. ” Pulong said.

“SHABU SMUGGLING SA IMONG KIGOL! (Shabu smuggling your a**!)” he added.

In the post, it also showed Pulong filing the libel case together with his lawyer, Atty. Rainier Madrid

Based on the complaint, Trillanes was quoted as saying in the DZMM program that Paolo and his friends were responsible in smuggling of drugs in the country including the P6.4-B crystal meth slipped through the Bureau of Customs (BOC) this year.

The senator alleged that the principal actors in the shipment were connected to Paolo, even accusing the latter of being the “handler” of the drug shipment.

Trillanes repeated the same accusation on Pinky Webb’s CNN program.

The camp of Pulong asked the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) to look into both incidents.

“Worse, respondent had also defamed and labeled me and my father as “principal actors” in the illegal drug trade in Davao City,” Duterte said in his affidavit

“Evidently, it was and is intended to malign, destroy and kill my good name and reputation, locally, nationally and internationally. This is especially so as I am the eldest son of our sitting President,” he added.

Yesterday, Davao City Prosecutor’s office issued a subpoena against Senator Trillanes. They give him 10 days to file a counter-affidavit against the Libel case filed by Duterte and his brother-in-law Atty. Manases Carpio.

Trillanes labeled the cases filed against him as “harassment” and the authorities might arrest him if he goes out of the Senate building travels to Davao City, the hometown of the President.

The Senator is known for accusing his political enemies publicly.

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