ABS-CBN customer data stolen, payment skimmer found in their online store

A Dutch Security researcher found a payment skimmer in ABS-CBN online store that might steal the financial data of their customers.

According to the report of business technology site zdnet.com, researcher Willem “gwillem” de Groot found the payment skimmer running in the said online store since August 16.

De Groot said that the skimmer sent the financial data of ABS-CBN customer in a Russian server registered in Irkutsk.

Google Chrome already put a warning sign on the ABS-CBN online store saying that the said website contained malware hidden within a Javascript file.

ABS CBN online store website

Groot confirmed that as of writing, the malware is still running on the website and possibly continuously hacking the financial information of its customers.

It’s not yet known how many customers of ABS-CBN may have been victimized by the said malware.

As of writing, ABS-CBN is not yet releasing a statement about the discovered malware on their website.

Meanwhile, security experts urged the customers of ABS-CBN to check and secure their banks account immediately because the hackers might possibly use their money in fraudulent transactions.

Source: ZDNet

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