Father Robert Reyes and supporters lay hands and pray over Sen. Trillanes


Senator Antonio Trillanes not only received support from his colleagues in the Senate, but also from the members of the Catholic Church.

On Thursday, Father Robert Reyes, known as the ‘running priest’ went to the Senate building to express his support to Senator Trillanes and also to offered a prayer to the fiercest critic of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Aside from Reyes, Fr. Flavie Villanueva and Fr. Manuel Gatchalian also went to the Senate to celebrate a mass dedicated to Trillanes.

Photos circulating on the internet showed Father Robert Reyes, the two other priests, and other supporters lay hands and pray over Sen. Trillanes

In a chance interview, Reyes warned President Duterte for the possible consequences in his alleged attempt to silence Sen. Trillanes.

According to him, the only way to silence Trillanes is to kill him.

“The only way to stop brave people is to kill them. So the next thing is to kill Trillanes? All the brave people? No. You should stop what you’re doing Duterte. Stop before the Nation stops you.” Reyes said.


Fr. Villanueva also told Trillanes not to be afraid to face the biggest challenge of his political career.

“Wag ka matakot, di ka nag iisa,” Villanueva told Trillanes.

Reyes is known for his showing his support to the known-critics of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Aside from Trillanes, Reyes also dedicated a prayer to Senator Leila De Lima before she got detained for illegal drug charges.

And even to Atty. Lourdes Sereno before she got removed as Chief Justice.

Meanwhile, some netizens criticized Reyes for choosing the people he supported.

“Ano to? Naghuhugas ng kasalanan? Tapos don pa sa Paring Makasalanan? Robert Reyes? Ang Pari ng mga LP! Ginawa nyo na ngang Hotel ang Senado tapos ngayon ginawa nyo namang Simbahan ang Senado! Kapal ng mga mukha nito! Dun nyo gawin yan sa Totoong Simbahan!” Netizen Kobe Maderazo said.

Some even mocked Father Reyes’ prayers, saying that every people that he prayed over experienced bad luck.

“Senyales na may makukulong na!” Netizen Mestiza De Chinita wrote.

Senator Trillanes is facing a possible arrest after President Duterte nullified the amnesty that he received in 2011 over the two coup that he joined.

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