Robin Padilla celebrates proclamation against Sen. Trillanes: “Labas na diyan pare, wag kang mag tago sa saya ng Senado!”


Actor Robin Padilla is one of the celebrities who celebrated the decision of President Rodrigo Duterte to declare the amnesty given to Senator Antonio Trillanes as “void.”

In his live video, it can be heard Padilla laughing over the news report that the authorities could soon arrest sen. Trillanes because of his participation in two coup d’etat in 2003 and 2007.

Padilla who even went to the front of the Senate building even teased Trillanes and urged the Senator not to use the Senate to hide from the authorities.

“Labas na diyan pare, wag kang mag tago sa saya ng Senado!” Padilla said in his live video.

He pointed out that ordinary people were quickly arrested by the authorities, while Trillanes was using his position to avoid getting detained.

Padilla said that Trillanes should not worry from facing arrest and urged him to follow the law.

“Ano ba naman yung mag submit kayo diyan sa authority..kung merong warrant ba talaga eh ano ba naman yung sumama ka muna pare..Trillanes hindi ka naman gagalawin ng mga sundalo at kabaro mo naman yon,” Padilla said.

He defended President Rodrigo Duterte from the accusation of Trillanes that the chief executive went to Israel because he’s afraid of signing the proclamation while in the Philippines.

According to Padilla, the President would not waste his time to go to the Senate to face Trillanes and his Israel trip is part of Duterte’s job.

Padilla insisted that Trillanes should not waste the taxpayers’ money by hiding in the Senate.

The actor said that if possible, he would personally arrest Sen. Trillanes inside the Senate premises.

In the past, Padilla challenged Trillanes into a fist fight, but the Senator didn’t respond on the actor’s request.

You can watch the video below:

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