Yoly Villanueva-Ong hits President Duterte: “You’re more brutal than Marcos, more corrupt than Arroyo!”


Yoly Villanueva-Ong, founder and group chair of the Campaigns Group of Companies had already enough of the alleged brutally committed by Duterte administration.

In her Twitter post, Mrs. Villanueva-Ong who’s also known for being a marketing expert criticized Duterte on social media after the decision of the Supreme Court to affirm its decision on the Quo Warranto petition against Atty. Maria Lourdes Sereno.

She said that this decision, made Duterte worst than former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr., Gloria Arroyo, and  Joseph Estrada combined despite the of the repeated clarification of the President that he didn’t interfere with the decision of the Supreme Court.

“D30’s tyranny scores again with the QW affirmation. This is officially the worst president in Philippine history. More brutal than Marcos; more corrupt than GMA; more incompetent than Erap. A misogynistic dotard with a foul mouth and crass conduct. What did we do to deserve him?” Mrs. Ong said in her post.

Several days after her criticisms against Duterte, Ong claimed that she has been warned by her friends and family members that she’s risking her life by criticizing the President because they believe that the former Davao City Mayor is a violent man.

However, she didn’t follow their advice to tone down, instead, she urged everyone to voice out their opposition against President Duterte.

“Friends and family have advised me to tone down my criticism of D30 bec he is a violent man. But that’s exactly how dictators thrive. When we look the other way and allow a despot to terrorize a nation— we’re doomed. Let everyone’s voice shout against tyranny and injustice.” Mrs. Ong said.

Ong is only one of the known personalities who opposed President Duterte’s policies especially his strict implementation of orders against criminals.

Source: Yoly Villanueva-Ong


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