Doctor from U.P explains why he will still support Duterte: “I would rather choose a President who’s a foul-mouthed than corrupt ones”

Doctor Francisco Pascual Tranquilino, Special Assistant to the Dean and College Secretary, University of the Philippines College of Medicine expressed his support to President Rodrigo Duterte and he assured that he would still not wavered his belief to the former Davao City Mayor.

In his lengthy post, Dr. Tranquilino explained why some people may already withdraw their support to Duterte because some of them are not got used by a politician who’s a speaking in a colorful way.

However, he believes that even President Duterte changed his style of speaking, the people who oppose him would still continue to criticize him.

Tranquilino said that the media also contributed to the criticisms being thrown to Duterte, saying that they trying to spin everything that the President is said and highlighting the only controversial words that he’s saying during his speeches to make him look unqualified as President.

He said that he would still continue to support the President who already got mocked and disrespected since the election period.

The doctor was saddened that most of the people are only looking for the bad words being said by the President and pointed out that the public already forgot what Duterte had already done for the Philippines.

You can read his whole post below:

The problem is the manner in which he delivered his message. He delivers it in his usual crass, vulgar manner, in short bastos. Blasphemous to others. But having said that, I think no matter how he said it, even if he delicately phrased his sentences with such class, tact, sensitivity and restraint, that such a shocking theological minority position came from him, the opposition and rabid critics including the politic-intruding priests would still pounce on him, vilify and demonize him. That’s how it has always been for the past 2 years. The media obviously used this episode to the hilt, to Inflame, foment, to incite anger, and to propagate the long-forwarded notion that Duterte is not fit to be the President. Look at him, he is crass & vulgar, he disrespects and insults my God, he called my God stupid, he has crossed the line. Oust him!

This is the scenario, it is more complex than what we all want to believe. It is not his statements alone, it is the viciousness of the critics that has blown it out of proportion.

I will continue to defend President Duterte because I see him as our duly elected President who even before he took his oath, has been disrespected, maligned, mocked & discredited. All these from the overly-critical mainstream media, and the noisy opposition especially those who cannot move on from their defeat, the Yellows and the LPs and yes, the Catholic priests, too. We never extended to this man the respect due his position or appreciation for the noble vision he has for the country, his genuine and unmistakable concern for the poor, the needy and the oppressed. He has exhibited integrity and sincerity in his intentions to change what has been ailing our Philippine society for centuries. Instead, we chose to magnify every flaw in his character and totally ignore the goodness and sincerity in him.

I would rather have a President who occasionally spew out expletives than a corrupt one who lies, cheats and steals from the government coffers. I prefer to look at Duterte’s actions than his expletives and vulgar pronouncements. And as a colleague from Davao once said about him: “The man has seen so much poverty, so much suffering, and I can understand his anger, his desire to change things at great personal sacrifice.”

I have had enough of politicians who are more conscious about their political correctness and image than their actual works and plans.

I rest my case. Just wanted to share my final thoughts on this issue.

Last week, President Rodrigo Duterte received criticisms on social media after he questioned some of the accounts to the Bible and even mocked God itself.

The Catholic Church and Christian groups condemned the President, some self-proclaimed supporters of Duterte also said that they were offended by those remarks.

However, Duterte explained that he’s only mocking the “God” of the Catholic Church.

Also because of this controversy, the government decided to set a dialog between Duterte and religious groups to end the issue.

President Duterte also said that he would remain silent for now.

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