“Wow Mali?” Brother Eddie Villanueva mentioned a wrong Bible quote while criticizing President Duterte

It seems that Brother Eddie Villanueva of the Philippines for Jesus Movement made a mistake while lecturing and criticizing President Rodrigo Duterte during his interview with ANC Journalist Karen Davila.

During the interview, Brother Eddie Villanueva said that President Rodrigo Duterte should apologize to God for what he said.

The renowned pastor said when the leader of the country “slander” God, the Philippines might receive a punishment from the Lord.

To prove to Karen Davila that what he’s saying is biblical, he mentioned the Book of Zechariah chapter 22.

However, several netizens noticed that Villanueva mentioned a nonexistent part of the Bible, saying that the Book of Zechariah has only got 14 chapters and not 22.

Blogger Netjourn also posted a video to rebut all that Villanueva said during the interview.

Several netizens also condemned Villanueva for allegedly inventing a Bible quote just to justify his criticisms against President Rodrigo Duterte.

Brother Eddie Villanueva denied that he’s inventing a Bible quote, saying that he only made a mistake by mentioning Zechariah chapter 22 instead of Ezekiel 22.

This is what Villanueva said to his statement:

Regarding my recent interview with Ms. Karen Davila:

I mentioned Zechariah 22 instead of EZEKIEL 22. It was an UNINTENTIONAL MISTAKE committed due to my desire to answer as quick as possible, given the small amount of time that we had. I was thinking by context, not by detail, hence the oversight. But I never intended to misquote the Bible or misrepresent God. Thank you for understanding. God’s best blessings be upon us all!

However, several netizens criticized Villanueva for allegedly trying to get publicity by condemning President Duterte’s statement against the Bible and God.

They urged the Pastor, just to pray for the President and not to join politics by criticizing Duterte.

“We cannot serve two master at the same time brother.,wag kana pumasok sa politica, God called you to preach and win soul, not to do political matters,sa kanila yan. Pray for this country instead and Trust the Lord your God that he is in control of everything that is happening to the country,. first of all before the election happened, we all ask God to give us a president that would fix this country. well, he gave us digong.. this is all the will of God for this country to be shaken before it will be fix.” Netizen Merck Miranda said.

“That shows that you’re human….leave those things to God…just bless our President…God chooses people with weaknesses and flaws…including you and me…pls don’t be judgemental be pharisaical…Bless and do not curse….you’re a priest …Duterte is a king….for a reason …for a season…” Netizen Mario Ighot remarked


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