News Anchor wrote an open letter to the critics of Duterte’s controversial bible remarks: “What he said is nothing compared to what he has done for our country,”

News anchor Pia Morato wrote an open letter to the critics of President Rodrigo Duterte, urging them to pray for him instead of pulling him down.

In her post, Morato said that she would not judge the President based on his controversial statements and religious stance, but she admitted that she was also offended by Duterte’s criticisms against the Bible.

Pia Morato

However, she also saw Duterte as the President who already received a tremendous amount of criticisms and mockery since his day one in Malacanang.

She was also saddened that some people didn’t appreciate what Duterte has been done in the country and his critics continuing to ask him to step down.

So Morato believes that the best way to do for the President is to pray for him instead of pulling him down because it might make the situation worse.

You can read her whole post below:

I am not going to judge The President about his foul mouth and his religious comments. But I am certainly going to tell you what I see…

I see an imperfect person – one that makes me cringe each and every time he curses.

I see an imperfect person that also hurts me and my religious beliefs with what he says…

I also see a DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT who since the day he stepped into office , has been under attack , scoffed , mocked , maligned , disrespected to a point of literally asking him to step down while ignoring each and every time any accomplishment in his administration .

So although this President has done things I DO NOT LIKE , I am not his judge…

His sin is for him to reckon with and MY FAITH tells me, no matter how horrible we’ve been, we are loved and forgiven.

I can only look into my own heart because looking into the hearts of others is certainly something I cannot do … only GOD can see our hearts after all .

So I will continue to pray for a duly elected President , because that is what my religion has taught me to do . Imagine if we all prayed for our leaders instead of pulling them down ….

As for what I do not like about the President , it is NOTHING compared to what he has done for our country in the past 2 years .

I will therefore take every bit of it because at MOST , what I hate about the President , I CAN SEE … the raw , the ugly , it is right there. Nothing to hide . No pretensions unlike the self righteous hypocrites who do nothing but keep us in the dark .

As of writing, the open letter of Morato already reached thousands of shares and likes on social media.

Some netizens said that the open letter of the news anchor is one of the best writings about the controversial remarks of President Duterte against the Catholic Church and the Bible.

During the recent days, President Duterte received tremendous amount of criticisms after he questioned and mocked several accounts on Bible, including the Book of Genesis.

Several religious groups also expressed that they were offended by Duterte’s remarks, asking the President to apologize publicly for what he said against God.

Source: Pia Morato

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