Inday Sara Duterte on her father’s controversial Bible remarks: Do not waste your negative energy on his interpretation of the bible

Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte finally spoke on the mass criticisms received by her father, President Rodrigo Duterte because of questioning some accounts on the Bible.

In her latest post on Facebook, Inday Sara also defend her father from accusations that he’s an anti-women.

According to her, the #BabaeAko campaign which made to urge the women to fight against President Rodrigo Duterte, because she believes that the former Davao City Mayor is only looking for character and not in the danger.

She said that her father has no respect for weak, whether you are a man or a woman.

“This is the first time I will say it out loud and I hate to admit it because I love my two brothers too much but yes I am the favorite child so that #babaeako campaign is doomed. What he doesn’t like lies not in the gender, but in the character, he has no respect for weakness. And many women and some men are known to be damsels in distress, that #babaeako included.” Inday Sara Duterte said in her Facebook post.

In the controversial remarks of President Duterte about the Bible, Inday Sara told the critics of her father not to waste their time or even listen to him when he’s speaking about religion because he’s not an expert about it.

She urged the people not to criticize her father for his bad mouth, but they can condemn him if it’s related to his performance as the President.

Inday Sara also pointed out that despite being the highest official of the land, President Duterte is still protected by his “constitutional right to freedom of speech and expression.”

“Please do not listen to him interpret the bible or quoran, he is not a priest, a pastor or an imam. He is the President, listen only when he speaks about his work. And criticize him on his work not on his “talkkalese”  Do not waste your negative energy on his interpretation of the bible, that is his opinion. He is protected by the Constitutional right to freedom of speech and expression even if he is President.” she said.

She’s also curious why her father received too many criticisms on questioning the Bible, despite being not a priest.

“Hindi ko parin maintindihan kung bakit yong iba ay nakikinig sa kanya na mag interpret ng bible eh hindi naman siya pari. Presidente siya na nag nagsasabi lang ng kanyang opinion.” She said.

Followers of Inday Sara agreed with what she said and they also defended the President.

“Ang linaw naman ng statements ni pidotz, he did not mock the one true God, but the gods of men. The gods that taught them to deceive ppol by their weong teachings.” Ewing Cantiga said.

“It was not about duterte insulting god, it was about duterte insulting the gods of these priests in pinas. Their gods is, pajero, dap, donations, and money, involving politics.molested some kids.” Renan De Leon Calma commented.

A netizen also said that it would be the Church’s fault if the people’s belief has been shakened just because of Duterte’s opinion.

“If a person’s faith about God is shaken simply because of Duterte’s opinion about God, is it his fault? Or is your faith that weak? If your faith is weak, whose fault is it? The church, di ba, kasi their job is evangelization.” Nona Gloria Calma remarked.

In the recent days, President Rodrigo Duterte received a tremendous amount of criticisms for his remarks against God, even some of his political allies cautioned the former Davao City Mayor to be careful of his words.

Some religious leaders including Brother Eddie Villanueva also pointed out that Duterte might be violating the constitution for disrespecting God.

Source: Sara Zimmerman Duterte

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