“Punishable under Revised Penal Code” Netizen under fire for urging snipers to assassinate President Duterte

A netizen might get to jail soon after she posted a threatening Facebook photo against President Rodrigo Duterte, urging expert assassins with a knowledge in sniping to assassinate the latter like what happened to Tanauan City Mayor Thony C. Halili on Monday Morning.

Mariz Cruz, an extreme anti-Duterte blogger posted an edited photo of the President being targeted by a sniper crosshair with a caption “Kung kayang gawin kay Mayor Halili ang isang Sniper shot, eh di kayang gawin din dito sa animal na ‘to?”

She believes that putting the President’s life into an end would save the country.

This photo didn’t receive well by Duterte supporters and even some critics of Duterte warned Mariz of the consequences of what she posted.

The original post of Mariz has already been deleted, however, several netizens captured a screenshot of the threatening post of the anti-Duterte blogger.

According to Bendojo Dennis Manlegro, Mariz Cruz committed a punishable offense under Revised Penal Code.

“Mariz Cruz – you committed an offense punishable under Revised Penal Code. Manlegro said in his Facebook post.

“The president is entitled of respect at some degree. A president is no ordinary person and if your on the other side of the political fence? This is not covered under your freedom.” he added.

Several Pro-Duterte blogs also urged the Philippine National Police (PNP) to investigate Mariz Cruz, because they believe that threatening the President is a serious thing.

Several supporters of President Duterte also expressed their concern on the post of Mariz Cruz.

“She should be interrogated and punish to the full extent of the law. This is serious nand it is not funny!!!” Neil Sy said.

“This person must be arrested at all cost very serious offense punishable to the full extent of the law.” Tito Aps Batian Jr. remarked.

Another netizen warned Mariz that the Presidential Security Group might hunt her to be investigated.

“You’re treading on dangerous grounds Mariz. Be prepared to be investigated by the PSG. The command will not treat the SECURITY of the president lightly.” Leo Esguerra said.

A former soldier also believes that the post of Mariz is not only dangerous for the President, but also to the security of the country.

“Lagot ka Mariz. Sinisearch na ngayon tunay mo name address at iba pa. Dahil hindi biro yan post mo. Highly security treat yan sa president at sa bansa. Kahit saan ngayon mag tago. Nilagay mo sa alanganin ang kalagayan mo. Sana nag isip ka muna. Delikado yan post mo. Dati ako military kaya ako nakapag salita sayo.” Edgardo Canoy said.

Philippine National Police said that threatening an individual on social media is also punishable under anti-cybercrime law.

Presidential Security Group (PSG) is not yet giving any comment if they’re going to make a move against Mariz Cruz for threatening the President.



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