Veteran journalist reveals that PRRD is going to expose immoral priests and nuns

A veteran journalist believes that the Catholic Church in the Philippines is in a panic because of President Rodrigo Duterte’s plan to drop a big revelation against priests and nuns.

In his Facebook post, Jay Sonza, claimed in a short Facebook post that the Catholic Church wants to talk with Duterte because the President is on the verge of revealing the dark secrets of the biggest religion in the Philippines.

He said that President Rodrigo Duterte might publicly name the priests and nuns who are having an affair with some people, a thing that strictly forbidden in the Catholic Church.

This is what he said:

some bishops and priests are reportedly asking for an urgent dialogue with the president.

this, after the chief executive allegedly warned that he will soon exposed and name bishops, priests and nuns who are married, have live-in partners, girlfriends and/or boyfriends, bore sons, daughters or children to different women and men.

why am i not surprise with this? the president has access to any and all information classified or not.
OMG! what an explosion, if in case…

Sonza revealed the information several days after Malacanang said that they’re open to “talk” with the Catholic Church amid the killings of the some of their priests.

Before, President Rodrigo Duterte revealed that one of the priests who got killed is having an affair with many married women and one of the angry husbands might be ordered the assassination.

He also said that the government should not be blamed for the killing of the priests.

“Look at the matrix. Why would you not be killed? You had an affair [with a wife]of a vice mayor, a police officer, a soldier, a business tycoon. You would really get killed,” Duterte said in Cebuano.

“Then, why blame me? His fellow parish priest is married to a member of the NPA there in Cordillera… It was the NPA who reported first about his death,” Duterte added.

Some netizen expressed their thoughts on the post of Sonza, saying that Duterte is already trying to inform the Catholic Church that they cannot interfere with government affairs.

” Perhaps PRRD just wanted the Catholic Hierarchy to stop interfering with the Government and finally respect the separation of State and Church. CBCP should stop politicking and instead stick their nose on moral and values revovery of their faithfuls.” Mon Pascual Torres said in his comment.

“We should not really be worried and fuss with the sins of our priests. They are just human beings. What we should be concerned with is our continuous relationship with God one on one to also save ourselves.” Lydia S. Astorga said.

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