President Duterte maintains his promise against Tanim-Bala: “Ipapakain ko talaga yung bala sa taong gumawa nito”

President Rodrigo Duterte maintained his promise that he would force the people behind the bullet planting scheme in Ninoy Aquino International Airport which widely known as “Tanim Bala” to eat their own bullets.

In the post of Presidential Assistant to President Christopher “Bong” Go, he informed the netizens to not worry about the alleged latest incident of tanim bala.

The Bullet found on the luggage of Ms. Moran Photo: Facebook

Go said that they already tasked the concerned agencies to investigate the case of Mrs. Bumanglag-Moran within 24 hours.

The right hand of the President also vowed that Duterte itself would force the involved airport personnel to eat bullets if they’re proven guilty.

“Sinabi na ng Pangulong Duterte noon, na pag nangyari pa ito, ipapakain niya yung bala sa taong gumawa, and I assure everyone, he will really do it.” Christopher Bong Go said in his post.

Christopher Bong Go’s response on the latest alleged tanim bala incident

He also urged the people not to hesitate to report alleged tanim bala scheme to the government.

Netizen Kristine Bumanglag-Moran on June 15 said in her Facebook post that she was victimized by “Tanim Bala” in NAIA, however, she was not forced to cancel her flight because of the new policies of the government against the infamous modus.

Meanwhile, Department of Transportation (DOTr) said Sunday that the security personnel who checked the luggage of Ms. Bumanglag didn’t commit any irregularities during the inspection.

According to them, the luggage of the government employee was still wrapped in plastic when they discovered the bullet via x-ray operator.

They also found out that the father of Ms. Bumanglag is a retired Marine while her brother is working as a cop.

Statement of DOTr 

DOTr also assured that the people would never be victimized by tanim bala again because of their new measures that would prevent the scam.

“Note that since the Duterte administration took over, not a single passenger has missed a flight due to a piece of ammunition. Not a single passenger was asked to pay any amount to anyone, which is what the “tanim bala” scheme is all about.” DOTr said in their statement.

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