Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte gives the definition of “Yellowtard”

Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte has a new post to annoy the members of the opposition which called by their critics as “Yellowtard”.

People started to call the supporters of the Liberal Party as yellowtard during the Aquino administration and this word has been used until now by the followers of the government.

Now, the presidential daughter itself, who declared a word war against Senator Antonio Trillanes IV yesterday gave her own definition of yellowtard.

According to Inday Sara, yellowtard means:

– noun
a person infected with yellow fever
a person who is liberal
someone who has an immaculate heart; spotless; clean< a person with incorruptible integrity - Adjective conforming to moral and ethical principles chaste perfect holy Synonyms: honest, infallible, virtuous, intelligent, faultless, decent, righteous, moral, squeaky clean, clever, uncontaminated, saint, sexy

In addition to her post, she even urged the netizens to vote Senator Trillanes and his friends in the upcoming senatorial elections in 2019.

“Please vote for Trillanes under the Magdalo Partylist and his yellow friends. They need to survive because they are perfect and perfect is the way to go.” Inday Sara said in her Facebook post.

At first, you might say that Inday Sara Duterte is praising the Liberal Party and the other opposition groups. However, the Davao City Mayor is known for being sarcastic to her enemies.

Several netizens also quickly understood that Inday Sara Duterte didn’t jump ship to LP and only trying to annoy the opposition by her sarcasm.

“Most so-called educated people in this country cannot distinguish sarcasm from reality. That is the reason why they couldn’t get the sarcasm being expressed by the President. Let us all recognize that Bisayas have a different way of expressing realities than Tagalogs.” Netizen Lawrence See said after reading Inday Sara’s post.

“Sarcasm at its best..” Doc Yoj said

As of writing the post of Inday Sara quickly gained thousands of reactions and shares from her fans.

Yesterday, Inday Sara slammed Senator Trillanes for claiming that President Rodrigo Duterte might urge her to run for Presidency to hold onto power.

The Senator quickly backed out in exchanging words with Inday Sara, saying that he doesn’t have time to quarrel with the presidential daughter.

In response, the tough Mayor called Trillanes “coward” for not facing her.

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