Duterte orders SAF to disperse Kadamay members: Kung kailangan pumatay kayo para i-implement ang legal na regulasyon, gawin ninyo

President Rodrigo Duterte was angered by the new occupation made by urban-poor group Kadamay in the housing units for uniformed personnel in Rodriguez, Rizal this week.

If Duterte became soft to the members of Kadamay before after they occupied some housing units in Pandi, now the President gave an ultimatum to them that if they would not stop capturing houses made for soldiers and cops, they might face a violent dispersal.

“I will give you until noon tomorrow, umalis kayo (leave) and I will order the Special Action Force (SAF) to go in,” Duterte said to Kadamay during his speech yesterday.

The President said that he would not hesitate to kill the members of the urban-poor group if that’s the only choice to disperse them.

““Sabi ko sa pulis kunin ninyo uli. Kung gusto ninyo ng away sabihin ko sa pulis, bigyan mo ng away, kung magkamatayan, ‘wag kayo mauna pero kung kailangan pumatay kayo para i-implement ang legal na regulasyon, gawin ninyo,” Duterte said during his speech.

He also said that he does not care how many members of Kadamay would be killed and he only wanted to maintain peace and order in the vicinity of the government housing units.

“Mamatayan? Lima, anim, pito, wala kong pakialam,” he said.

In his ultimatum, he gave the members of Kadamay to vacate the housing projects until 12 noon, June 15.

“Umalis kayo by 12 [noon tomorrow]. Pag hindi, sabihin ko ang police, with a riot, back-upan ng SAF. Makamali kayo mag-gamit ng armas, kung mamatay kayo, ‘yun ang dapat para sa lahat,” he said.

Duterte also expressed his anger to the members of the left where Kadamay belongs because they’re burning an effigy of the Presidente during their rallies, but seeking help to the government at the same time.

“Iniihian niyo yung mukha ko tapos sinusunog niyo yung [mukha ko] ngayon hihingi kayo ng tulong? P***** *** *** problema niyo na yan,” he said.

In June 13, 500 members of Kadamay attempted to occupy some housing units built for uniformed personnel in Rizal.

Later on, some Kadamay members have voluntarily retreated from occupying the vacant houses.

Some of them thought that the housing units were already awarded to them by the Rodriguez Local Government Unit, however, when they arrived they realized that they’re only going to occupy the houses that they don’t really own.

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